Threesome Positions

7 Threesome Positions

By Tommy Jordan

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It's no secret that all of us fantasize about having two women at the same time. It's also no secret that we all like our own unique and crazy positions. Well, you might be surprised to know that some of those positions you thought you could only pull off with one girl can easily transition into fun for three.

1- Bobbing for apples
Bobbing for apples - Credit: Begin by laying flat on your back and enjoying a great blowjob from woman A. Woman B will come into the picture by straddling and riding your face.

Benefits for you: Because of the position of woman A between your legs, you may also feel her chest - and, if you're real lucky, her erect nipples -- gently tapping your scrotum as she rocks back and forth while giving you head.

Benefits for them: With woman B's "cowboy up" pose on your face, she will largely be the benefactor of this position.
2- Deep swallow
Deep swallow - Credit: Lay flat on your back as woman A places herself on top of your face in the reverse position. Woman B can come into the picture at anytime and place herself on top of you for a mind-blowing ride.

Benefits for you: You've got a handful of hot ass and another girl riding your package. You couldn't get better benefits from a 401K.

Benefits for them: In addition to the sex, this position allows woman A and woman B to maintain eye contact as well as kiss and caress each other.

3- The G-spot jiggy
G-spot jiggy - Credit:
While woman A is on all fours in the doggy-style position, woman B will slide under woman A in a 69 position. This will make it easier for woman A to perform cunnilingus on woman B without having to arch her neck. While on your knees, place one hand on woman A's hips for leverage and to get it warm for the spanking you're about to deliver. A tip for you: Try using nine short strokes followed by one long stroke into woman A.

Benefits for you: You're getting the animalistic sensation that only doggy style provides, all the while enjoying the view of two beautiful women in the 69 position.


Benefits for them: Woman A can enjoy you behind her and woman B can enjoy the oral sex from woman A.

4- Raising the mast
Raising the mast - Credit: Start by placing both of woman A's legs over your shoulders and enter her at various angles. From here, woman B can easily ride woman A's face from a reverse position.

Benefits for you: The eye contact that you will be able to maintain with woman B is very intense, largely due to the position of control you are in with woman A's legs over your shoulders.

Benefits for them: With you delivering the goods, woman A will enjoy the submissive position you have put her body in and woman B will enjoy starring you down as she receives cunnilingus from woman A.

5- The hitch
The hitch - Credit: Woman A will begin by lying flat on her back with her legs in the air. This man-on-top variation requires you to get on your hands and knees from a reverse position and dip your penis into her. Woman B should be riding woman A's face from a reverse position.

Benefits for you: The different sensual aspects you feel by dipping into her will send your body into shock. Also, woman B can gently stimulate your anus at just the right time to send your body from shock to convulsion.

Benefits for them: Woman B receives oral pleasure from this and can provide additional kinky pleasure for woman A by sucking on her toes. Woman A wins again when you pull out and massage her clitoris with the tip of your penis.


 6- Southern exposure
Southern exposure - Credit:
Begin by lying on your back with woman A straddling you from the opposing position. She should drop her legs near your arms to make more room for woman B. Woman B will get into the exact same position as woman A, only farther up your body.

Benefits for you: You have two women grinding and moaning on you in the same direction. Grab a couple of paddles and the three of you could win a rowing contest with that kind of teamwork.

Benefits for the women: This position allows you to perform cunnilingus on woman B and allows woman B to slap woman A's ass or perform any type of anal stimulation that she sees fit.

7- The reverse frog squat
Reverse frog squat - Credit: Begin by lying down with your knees up towards your body and open for woman A to lean back into you. When the two of you are settled and into a good rhythm, woman B straddles and rides your face from either direction.

Benefits for you: You have very little work to do since woman A is in control of your lower body and woman B has taken over the upper part.

Benefits for the women: Woman A can guide your penis in the direction she wants, for whatever she wants. Woman B is facing in the opposite direction and will really get into the oral sex you are giving her.

the more, the better

Who knew that crazy position you begged your girl to try has room for another?

Remember though: Even with the best of intentions, threesomes usually find a way to get complicated or somewhat awkward at their conclusion. Take the necessary steps to avoid all the drama and get the "guest star" out as soon as possible without being rude. And always focus the majority of your attention on the girl you are with. Any feelings of insecurity you project on her by giving more attention to the other girl will come back to bite you (not the way you like either).


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